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PF & Small Businesses
Excel Accounting Tool
Medium Businesses
Excel Accounting Tool
Large Enterprises
Excel Accounting Tool
# of employees

0 < # <= 20
Version: v5.2
20 < # <= 300
Version: v5.2
300 < # <=
Version: v5.2
Product Update
License Recover
Model limit
no limit
Location limit
no limit
Book limit
no limit
Account limit
no limit
Ledger limit
no limit
$48 USD / every 24 months $240 USD / every 24 months $600 USD / every 24 months

Location limit includes both manual and bank auto directories.
'free' means whenever there was an updated version, users are entitled to have a free copy of the updated version.
'no limit' means no limits are exerted by EAT, but are subject to PC/OS limitations.

I agree the Purchase and License Agreement

System Requirements
Windows 7,8,10,11, Server, .NET Framework 4.6.1.
Product Delivery
After credit card orders are processed, immediately the license file is available for download.
A copy of the user license file is stored in the user account, is available for download whenever he or she logs in. A small fee is applied for License Recover.
The user email is registered for first timer. please goto email to confirm email for future update and tech support.
Payment Methods
Credit card online, Paypal payment.